Tips for playing Cajon


Here are some tips for playing Cajon that can help you become more shrewd. As long as there is a determined intention, learning cajon will be fun!

Find the Right Cajon

The most important and main tips. By choosing the right Cajon, it will be easier for you when playing. It’s a bit difficult to choose the right cajon for us. So we have to be careful.
Study hard

Without effort, it will definitely be difficult when playing cajon! By being persistent and active when learning, our skills will continue to increase. The key to success is to keep trying. So excited!

Fix Posture

When playing a cajon, finding the right position will help keep you from getting tired quickly. Don’t forget to straighten your back so you don’t bend over but don’t get too tense.

The correct distance when playing a cajon is 20 cm because all tones can be achieved with a distance of only 20 cm. Even bass can be achieved.

Always Warm Up

Playing cajon does require quite a lot of energy. That’s why many famous drummers have great muscle shape. That’s why we are encouraged to always warm up before playing Cajon!


So that the hands are not easily sore and the back can get used to being upright. Never miss a warm-up! You might get injured if you don’t warm up.

Practice Speed

Don’t forget to spend some time learning to increase your hand speed. Find the right way so that fast-paced games don’t sound sloppy and disappoint everyone.

Train by increasing the speed of 5 BPM in one effective workout to train speed quickly.

Looking for New Style Variations

In the world of music, people who are good at playing musical instruments with various styles are the most sought after people. If you master various styles, you can easily play music with various genres.

Practice Tone

Tone is important when playing cajon. You have to know the basic tone of the cajon you have. The main tones are Bass Tone and Slap Tone, although Mid Tones can also be reached with the fingertips.

The more hours of practice, the more skilled you will be at playing Cajon. Create a regular practice schedule to help you learn cajon.

Looking forĀ  a Trainer

If you have more funds, try to find a trainer to teach you from the basics. It will be easier if you are taught by someone who is more skilled. You can also gain knowledge that is rarely found when practicing self-taught!