Develop Music Talent by Learning Beatbox


Some of us must have made music as a familiar thing in life. Since childhood, you have been introduced to music, of course you also want to try to dive into it, right?

Starting from their love of music, many people eventually plunged into the world of music. Starting from learning guitar, piano, drums, and others. But you know that music doesn’t just come from these instruments, right? But there is also sound processing that must be trained and learned the same.

Not just singing, another field of sound that can be a supporting instrument in music is Beatbox. Playing music by duplicating sound is indeed quite unique – but it turns out to be difficult to do, bro!

Although it is difficult, many people have tried to learn music with this sound system and many of them have succeeded!

Are you also interested? If so, you are in the right article – because in this article, you will get to know the basic techniques of Beatbox itself. Just take a look at the full review!

Understanding the Sound of the Drum

As already mentioned above – if Beatbox is music that supports a song in an instrument but by making music only from the mouth. Certainly not an easy thing, to start the step of learning Beatbox, you need to understand first how the sound of your own musical instrument sounds so that you can correctly identify the sound of the music you are going to duplicate.

Drum is a musical instrument that is able to create a beat or more often called a rhythmic instrument. The drum itself has several parts, namely the snare, cymbals, and bass drum. These three parts are the most basic – because they are able to create strains that can make music more rhythmic.

From these three voices, later you can make strains that make the songs sung by people around you come alive. To better understand Beatbox and know how to learn Beatbox well, try learning the things below!

#1: Know Tone B aka Bass Drum

After recognizing the drum sound in Beatbox that you will learn, the first way you have to do is to say the letter B which is the basis for the sound of the bass drum. This is done by closing your mouth tightly, then say ‘BU’ or ‘BUF’ with a bated breath.

Saying ‘BU’ is easy, but it’s usually more difficult when you say ‘BUF’ – this is because you have to pronounce it with a faint sounding ‘U’.

If the ‘U’ sound is too clear, it will reduce the aesthetics of the bass drum sound. The purpose of this pronunciation is so that the bass or sub low / low sound on the bass drum can be duplicated properly.

#2: How to Duplicate T (Hi-Hat) on Cymbals


The second way on Beatbox that you should know is to duplicate the sound of the hi-hat – which is the sound of the cymbals on the drums. Usually cymbals, aka hi-hats, are synonymous with hissing. So that the hi-hat sound is duplicated properly – you have to pronounce it with the word ‘Tci’ or ‘Tchi’ while placing your tongue against the roof of the upper teeth.

If the position of the tongue is in place, you can try reading the word ‘Tchi – Tchi -Tchi’. If you have done this smoothly, you can start by reading the word ‘Tchis – Tchis – Tchis’.

#3: K sound on the Snare

Snare is the last sound you can learn in Beatbox – because Snare is a sound that is difficult to sound perfectly. This is because you have to say ‘K’ with a deep breath like someone who has a toothache – wow, that’s really hard to imagine, isn’t it?

To learn this sound, first say the usual ‘K’. Then, say ‘Kih’ until it feels clean and doesn’t bother your throat. If you can, then try to breathe air like someone who has a toothache.

Next; Let’s Try This!

After smoothly practicing the 3 methods above, try playing this Beatbox pattern:

  • B-T-K-T-B-T-K-T
  • B-K-T-T-B-K-T
  • B-T-K-T-T-B-K-T-T-B-K-T-T-B-K-T

For the pattern above, you don’t need to rush to do it – especially in a tempo that is too fast. Let each sound come out properly and the sound can be close to the original sound of the drums.

Like the sentence that’s been hanging around out there – practice makes perfect, so if you already know the beatbox technique, try practicing with people around you often, bro!