History and Types of Saxophone Musical Instruments in The World

Saxophone Musical Instrument – You may be familiar with the saxophone. This one musical instrument is quite well known and is usually played to accompany orchestral music.

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What is a Saxophone?

Saxophone is a musical instrument that is classified into the aerophone genre. Saxophone music is played on a single reed like a clarinet.

The saxophone is also usually played to accompany big band music and jazz music in addition to orchestral music.

For jazz music, the saxophone has been in use since the 20th century. This instrument was designed by a Belgian named Adolphe Sax.

His idea for designing a saxophone was started because he wanted a clarinet that could blow the octave in the same left hand (upper finger) and right hand (lower finger) position.

Then he succeeded in realizing his wish in 1840 in the form of a saxophone. His saxophone can have techniques in the same position of the upper and lower fingers and can also be combined.

This saxophone also fulfills the expectations of those who want the speed of playing woodwind instruments with the power of brass sound to be realized.

Furthermore, Sax then made all types in the saxophone category such as c melody, soprano, tenor, alto, bass saxophone and baritone.

For an artificial saxophone, the bass is very large and long, to the point of having to sit in a high chair to play it. Unfortunately, the bass saxophone is no longer produced because it is considered less practical.

History of the Saxophone Musical Instrument

The saxophone has a special characteristic sound, but its presence in the 19th century was not acceptable to accompany the symphony orchestra.

This wind instrument only began to be used in the early 20th century, and even then for military marching bands and the next time especially the late 20th century, the saxophone found its momentum. This instrument began to dominate for jazz soloists.

There are several differences of opinion regarding the use of the saxophone. Some say the saxophone has been used as a popular mainstream instrument for dance music since 1910.

But then this opinion was opposed by a man named W.C Handy. He said the quarters had been played on the saxophone since 1902 to accompany a group of singers in traveling shows.

There is also an opinion that the first tenor saxophone entered during the First World War in Springfield Ohio. This opinion was conveyed by Garvin Bushnell.

Again, this opinion was also challenged by a musician from New Orleans named John Joseph. He stated that he brought the device in 1914 to his city. Joseph’s opinion is corroborated by Art Hickman, a leading accompanist of a famous dance band. He said he used the tool around 1914.

The saxophone itself began to be used for jazz when this music genre came out of New Orleans, although at that time it did not get the attention of fans.

Jazz music from the beginning was dominated by trumpets and cornets. This is evidenced, for example, by many well-known jazz musicians who later emerged such as Armstrong, Beider, Oliver and Keppard and other trumpet and cornet musicians who also started performing at that time.

Types of Saxophone Musical Instruments

There are two types of saxophone instruments in general in the music world, namely the saxophone for the orchestra and the saxophone for the band. The orchestral saxophone consists of soprano in F, barito in F, alto in F, soprano in C, contra bass in F and bass in C and tenor in C.

While the saxophone for the band consists of soprano in Eb, soprano in Bb, tenor in Bb, alto in Eb, Bass in Bb, baritone in Eb, contrabass in Eb and bass in Bb.

Technically, the development of the saxophone is divided into two phases, namely when the sax patent is still valid and after. The first phase of change and development is quite slow. The saxophone’s mechanism is simpler, more like a clarinet.

But then after the sax patent expired in 1866, many saxophone manufacturers began to appear which had an effect on the development of this musical instrument so much faster.

Nevertheless, over a period of 150 years the basic foundation of the saxophone has not changed much from the initial design. Initially this instrument was mostly used by marching bands. Then entered the era of the 1900s, slowly began to be used for violin replacement dance band performances and vaudeville performances.

Indeed, the use of this instrument is more exclusive and there are not many players compared to other types of music, such as drums, guitars, violins. One of them because the price is quite expensive for a musical instrument.