Cajon Musical Instrument Price


Prices of Cajon Musical Instruments – Nowadays, acoustic music is in great demand by the public, especially teenagers. With so many fans of acoustic music, the supply of musical instruments has also increased.

There are even many YouTubers who specialize in covering music in an acoustic style. As well as many artists who often release acoustic songs. The genre of Acoustic Music is usually synonymous with acoustic guitar and Cajon. What are Cajos?

Cajon Musical Instrument Price

Cajon is a percussion instrument that is often used to replace drums. Generally Cajon is made of plywood and is in the form of a cube with an empty inside. And the back side is not closed.

Curious about the price of Cajon Musical Instruments on the market? Look here!

Cheap Cajon Musical Instrument Prices

With a limited budget, you can have a good cajon. As long as you choose wisely, the cajon is actually not that expensive compared to other musical instruments.

The price of a cheap Cajon ranges from Rp. 100,000 up to Rp. 300,000. There is even a price of Rp. 70,000!

Price of Yamaha Cajon Musical Instruments

Yamaha is already known to produce quality musical instruments. The price is also more expensive than the Cajon on the market!


The price of a Yamaha brand cajon can penetrate millions more expensive than a regular cajon. Around Rp. 2,000,000 to Rp. 5,000,000!

Price of Used Cajon Musical Instruments

If you want to have a Cajon with a good brand and quality but at a low price, buy a used Cajon! There are many online shops and marketplaces that provide used cajons.

Make no mistake, if you choose wisely, used cajons are very easy to find. The price can be half the price of a new Cajon!

The Most Expensive Cajon Musical Instrument Price

Who would have thought that the most expensive Cajon was held by the Juninl AE-CAJ9 brand? Because the price penetrates 10 million rupiah! Some even sell Rp. 13,000,000 per seed! Very expensive, right?

Price of Cajon Schlagwerk Musical Instruments

This type of Cajon made in Germany is known as a cajon with a slick production. For 25 years Schlagwerk has been known to produce many professional and recognized instruments.

The sides and corners of the Schlagwerk Cajon are very smooth and have guaranteed good materials. the sound produced is high quality! The price can touch Rp. 10,000,000.

Cajon Musical Instrument Price List

Musical Instruments with Price & Conditions

  • New Yamaha Cajon Rp. 1,200,000 – Rp. 3,000,000
  • New Roland Cajon Rp. 2,357,000 – Rp. 3,000,000
  • New Juninl Cajon Rp. 3,650,000 – Rp. 13,000,000
  • New Schlagwerk Cajon Rp. 1,499,000 – Rp. 15,000,000

That’s the price list of Cajon Musical Instruments For the size of an acoustic instrument, the cajon is an important tool. The beats produced by the cajon become a reference when playing guitar, and vice versa.

With the spread of acoustic music in the world, the supply of cajon instruments is also increasing. Musical instrument sellers will be very grateful because their merchandise sells quickly!

Don’t forget to choose carefully before buying! Check the price of the right and good Cajon musical instrument here, also discuss it with musical instrument experts so as not to be deceived when buying it.