Simillarities on Learning Cajon and Learning Online Gambling

cajon wallpaper

This instrument is a type of percussion instrument. Cajon is a musical instrument that is played by being hit. The word cajon comes from the Spanish term which means ‘box’. Many opinions state that cajon originated in the country of Peru. Beginning around the 16th century, African slaves made a musical instrument or musical instrument made from fruit crates or codfish in lieu of native African drums. This is due to the fact that during the Spanish colonial era slaves were prohibited from playing or playing musical instruments. With such a box shape cajon disguised as a bench or as a chair so it does not appear as a musical instrument.

Learn how to play Cajon is like learn how to play in Agen Judi Bola

Learning Cajon is not difficult as long as there is a great willingness to study hard, just like when you learn how to play online gambling in agen judi bola and master it to become the god of gamblers! Learning cajon is the same as learning other types of musical instruments like percussion because cajon is played by being hit using both palms. There are many ways to learn cajon well, for example, asking other people who can play cajon to teach it or even self-taught because we can learn by ourselves by finding ways to learn to play cajon from the internet or music books and try to feel the practice itself. The way you can learn cajon is work as well when you are learning online gambling tricks, self-taught and keep learning. In this article on fisheries, we will present tips on playing cajon. Let’s take a look together.

1. Have Cajon


The first cajon playing tips is to have your own cajon. Having your own cajon is an important requirement if you want to learn and can play cajon quickly and well. This is so that we can play cajon as often as possible and then play it all the time, because as often as possible we play cajon in every day, the more days we will be more skilled at playing it. Buy a second cajon in advance to learn at the beginning with a price that is not too expensive but can still function properly, but if there is a budget to buy a new cajon, immediately buy a cajon of your choice.

2. Play Following Guitar or Bass

The second cajon playing tip is to follow the sound of the guitar or bass and adjust it to the punch against the cajon. Like cajon like snare and bass drum which is the core sound in the drum punch. The edge of the cajon reads ‘Tak’ (snare) and the center of the cajon when struck reads ‘Dug’ (bassdrum). Play the cajon like playing the drums ‘Not’ following the guitar rhythm and the ‘Dug’ following the bass. This is the basic principle of playing cajon.

3. Expand Song References

The third cajon playing tip is to multiply references to songs that you can play with your cajon. You do this by listening to a large collection of songs from within the country and songs from abroad, then play or play the song with mp3 or music player on the computer and then play your cajon to sing the song. Do it repeatedly until you are proficient by finding nice blows. If you already can the song, try other songs up to as many songs as possible.

4. Focus and Consistent Exercise

Tips on playing the fourth cajon by practicing in a focused and consistent way. Focus training, that is by practicing seriously and before turning off your communication devices such as mobile phones so that you concentrate on training, first tell your parents or siblings that you are practicing cajon so they don’t worry because your cellphone can’t be reached. Then practice consistently by taking a few hours for example at least 2 hours in each day to practice cajon. Do it every day seriously.