Why is it easier for children to memorize songs than lessons?


Maybe you often sees children who have difficulty in learning, but it looks smooth when memorizing song lyrics, even some people may have felt this when I was still in school, right?

However, have you ever wondered why the words from the textbook are easy to forget, but the child can still sing along to his favorite song without any mistakes?

It turns out, there are several reasons why every child can easily remember song lyrics but have difficulty remembering school lessons.

Check out why below!

1. Music can unlock information that is absorbed in the brain

The hippocampus and frontal cortex are two large areas in the brain that are associated with memory and absorb a lot of information every minute. To retrieve the information, is not always easy. It doesn’t just come when the child asks for it.

Reporting from bbc.com, music helps because it provides rhythm and rhyme and sometimes alliteration that helps unlock that information with cues.

It is the structure of the song that helps the child to remember it, as well as the melody and image that the song’s lyrics provoke.

2. Songs help children connect well

Learning is an integral part of a child’s daily life, and what he wants is a break from daily studies. Listening to songs is one of the favorite activities that most children do in their spare time.


Fun songs and music help children escape from everyday stress and worries. Listening to upbeat and rhythmic songs makes children feel more alive and more connected to life.

Therefore, this activity finally makes it easier for them to remember song lyrics than their school lessons.

3. Children pay more attention to songs than study

It’s not uncommon for children to be more interested in a song that might describe how their heart feels. This makes it easier for children to pay attention to each song’s lyrics, rather than the subject matter.

The more children pay attention to the tones and lyrics of a song, the better their brain is able to store that information. This is also one of the main reasons why it is easier for children to remember song lyrics than to learn.

4. Sometimes the song plays over and over

If your child keeps playing the song over and over again, then he will definitely remember it faster and without distraction.

For example, if a child’s favorite song is played repeatedly in his room, where the child spends five to six hours there, then the child is increasingly trained to remember the lyrics.

In addition, listening to songs repeatedly can improve a child’s memory by triggering various patterns of brain development.

5. New things learned in every replay of songs

While listening to music, your child may learn various aspects of it continuously. Listening to songs can train children’s endless curiosity, where children can always find something to learn.

What’s more, if your child is able to play an instrument or is good at singing, he or she may see listening to songs as a boost to creativity. Thus, he can quickly compose the lyrics of the song and tune it with his instrument.