Bali Pianist, Youngest Grammy Nominee Winner of All Time

Bali Pianist, Youngest Grammy Nominee Winner of All Time

Jazz music in the world lately was amazed by the ability of a special ability child who was 12 years old.

Music genius, who in January ranked 59th in 200 most popular music lists, was named Joey Alexander. A Bali-born child who is currently working in New York, United States, is even included in the list of the 40 most amazing musicians in 2016.

The name Joey in Indonesia has not been very popular, although it has increased in the world music scene since his name emerged as the winner of two Grammy nominations. So it becomes interesting to see how the beginning of the story of Joey’s skill journey began playing with musical notations.

Joey, who won two Grammy nominations for “Best Jazz Instrumental Album” and “Best Jazz Solo with Improvisation”. If later Joey gets Grammy, then he will be the youngest person to win the prestigious music award beating the record held by LeAnn Rimes, who got a Grammy at the age of 14 years.

It is also said that some people doubted Joey’s ability to be considered too young to get a Grammy nomination. Still, a producer of his debut album My Favorite Things, Jason Olaine, said, “Close your eyes, and just listen to Joey.”

Josiah Alexander Sila’s music journey starts from the island of Bali, Indonesia. It is said that since he was six years old, Joey learned to play Jazz only by listening, which meant he learned music, not by reading notations.

Interestingly, Joey’s parents are not musicians. They are a business travel agent. Indeed, his father can play the piano and guitar, but not professionally. But when Joey saw his father like to play music and gambling in situs judi slot online and became interested, it was a moment that was considered to change everything.

“My father played a little piano and guitar, but it was not done professionally. And when I saw him playing and making me love, I wanted to play it, and I wanted to try the instrument,” Joey recalled.

Departing from that small moment, Joey’s ability continues to increase. Joey’s father records every tune played by his son, and the recordings are what Joey listens to all the time. Joey also claimed to hear some recordings from world-famous musicians. ” Coltrane, Duke Ellington, Bill Evans, and Miles Davis, and Thelonious Monk. I listen to all those great musicians. ”

Before Joey began his career in New York, he had tried music in Jakarta and played with the best Jazz artists. Until then, Joey’s parents decided to leave the travel agency business and fly to New Jersey, which is close to New York.

When Joey was ten years old, the Lincoln Center in New York City invited him to play Jazz at Lincoln Center. At that time, Oliane, producer of Joey’s debut album and director of the Jazz program at Lincoln Center, revealed that when Joey played Thelonius Monk Tune, the musicians present were stunned.

“Joey plays a version of” Round Midnight, “and makes everyone gasped, they see Joey then see each other … and then they laugh, like ‘there’s no way we can hear what we hear.’ He (Joey, red) then continued his play, another composition. And again, everyone laughed … you seemed to be tingling, staring at each other, scratching your head, and saying ‘well, I’ve never heard anything like this before.’ ”

It was in the land of Uncle Sam that Joey’s debut album shocked the world. Even music lovers who listen to how Joey Alexander plays the piano say that they are listening to the future of jazz from a 12-year-old musician.

The same response was expressed by Ulysses Owens Jr., a 32-year-old drummer who revealed that the 20-year age difference had no meaning. He thinks Joey and himself have been connected to music from the beginning of the meeting.

Owens had watched the little pianist’s game playing “Giant Steps.” A song that might lead Joey to get a Grammy this February. He also described how the harmony and melody adventure played by Joey had a great impression and made him hover in the sky.

“Seeing this boy, doing all the harmonies and melodies, and playing exciting games, he looks floating, he is in the next level of heaven, I look at it as a gift, and when I open my eyes and see it, that’s what I see “This child is really from another planet. And it’s very beautiful to see him playing music,” Owens said.

Joey’s popularity in America also skyrocketed when he became a performer at the TED conference last March.

Even though his achievements stunned the world, Joey’s fact remained an ordinary boy. He still went to school at home, playing toys and watching his favorite films on the sidelines when Joey was not performing. Joey also claimed he liked the songs of Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, and the Beatles.

Joey said that he was very grateful to get support for his music journey. He also can’t wait to be part of Jazz in New York City because that’s his dream. Play jazz for the audience and give them fun and hope.

“I hope they get pleasure because this music is very pleasant and touches the hearts of all who listen. When I play it, I hope people will be happier with their lives and get hope,” said Joey.