Tips for Choosing the Best Cajon for Beginners

Tips for Choosing the Best Cajon for Beginners

Before buying something, make sure you know what you are going to buy according to your needs. Likewise, if you want to buy a Cajon, or it can also be called an acoustic drum box. Especially if you are a beginner player, choosing a Cajon is tricky, but that does not mean choosing it carelessly.

Cajon has a minimalist look, compared to a drum kit, but its purpose is the same, to give a beat to the rhythm of the ongoing music play. Even though its shape is simple, it doesn’t mean that Cajon also has a simple function.

In addition to the Cajon drum used for acoustic music, the sound of this drum can also collaborate with other musical instruments. This box-shaped drum has several sounds such as bass drum, snare, hi-hat, and rim click.

The Cajon drum has a shape like a speaker box with 6 sides of a wooden box and produces some sound due to the soundhole and bass guitar strings inside. Well, for you beginners, so you find the right Cajon to play, here are some tips from several sources, how to choose the best Cajon for you before you finally buy and own.

Choose Cajon with quality wood

This acoustic drum is fairly easily damaged because it is made of wood and also beaten by beating. For that, so you get a drum that can be durable and durable in use, you should choose a Cajon drum made from maple wood. Maple wood has several advantages, namely a very decorative texture, a very smooth, distinctive fragrance, and the strength of the wood that is durable, not porous.

Choose Cajon with quality wood

Adjust as needed

Buy Cajon drums that have the best brands and affordable prices according to your needs. The best Cajon acoustic drums, in general, are like Koning Cajon Beatrix, Koning Cajon Wilhelmus, Koning Cajon Vanperu, PEARL Boom Box Cajon Artisan, PEARL Cube With Stand Cajon, PEARL Fun Box Cajon, PEARL Two-Face Cajon, PEARL Jingle Cajon, PEARL Primero Cajon, PEARL Brush Beat Cajon, Meinl, Latin Percussions, PEARL Cube With Stand Cajon, PEARL Fun Box Cajon, PEARL Jingle Cajon, PEARL Primero Cajon, PEARL Tri-Side Cajon, TOCA Cajon Wood, and many other good brands. The price of Cajon acoustic drums also varies, depending on the specifications provided by each type of Cajon drum.

Cajon Adjust as needed

Don’t hesitate to test the sound quality

Producing the best acoustic drum sounds is the dream of every drummer. To choose and buy a Cajon drum, beginners should try it first. Also, make sure the strings look neat, and the strings must-have colors that are still bright, not a dull color, and there are no signs of breaking. The quality of the strings is very important and influences the sound that will be produced by the acoustic drum box that will be used.

Don't hesitate to test the sound quality

That was a few tips for choosing a Cajon for you who are just about to start playing it. Don’t forget to apply the three tips above, and make sure that the Cajon that you will choose and buy is of good quality, and durable to use.

Using the best Cajon as the beginning of learning is the main asset to be able to improve the acoustic drum game to the next learning stage.