Salsa Dance Which is Able to Arouse Enthusiasm

Salsa Dance Which is Able to Arouse Enthusiasm

Salsa dance in the world is developing rapidly from time to time and from year to year—so much dance from various countries that continue to evolve and innovate.

Many new types of dance have also emerged that are the result of the merging and integration of one kind of dance and one kind of dance or more than two types of dance.

This makes unlimited dance art. In dance, we do not know the so-called boundaries and walls in self-expression and feelings and thoughts. Dance becomes an art that is very popular and in-demand by many people because of the uniqueness of the formations, movements, and musical rhythms that accompany dance and diversity of its kind. You can tell how lovely Salsa dance is by just clicking into slot online gratis and win the prize trip to Puerto Rico and Learn how to Salsa.

One of the most famous dance arts in the world and loved by many people is Salsa dance. This dance has unique characteristics, history, and uniqueness, some of which are

  1. This dance is an experiment of passion, passion, awakening, and dynamism. Salsa dance is one type of dance that does not recognize the word pause or pause in the dance because it has movements, including very energetic, dynamic, and lively footsteps. If you have seen the art of Salsa dance, surely you will understand the meaning of Salsa dance, which is always able to inspire enthusiasm.
  2. This dance has a history of unique dance names, namely from the Spanish language “salsa,” which means sauce or can be interpreted as taste and style. This can show the passion that exists in Salsa dance.
  3. The history of dance is still frequently debated, but based on the name of this dance, the history that approaches the truest is from the country of Spain. The unique fact is that this dance was first born from Spanish immigrants living in the United States. At present, the art of Salsa dance is also very rapidly developing in New York City, United States of America, because it is in great demand by dancers who come and live in the city.
  4. Salsa dance has a type of Salsa music that becomes unique accompaniment music because it is a combination of musical compositions from several countries, namely, the rhythm of music from Latin America and traditional music from Africa and Cuba. This makes Salsa music a unity of harmony and rhythm or tempo that is full of passion and passion.
  5. Salsa dance can not be said to be pure dance because of several other types of dance influence it. The types of dance that influence Salsa dance are Cha cha dance, Mambo dance, Guaracha dance, Palo Monte dance, Yambu dance, Abakua dance, and Rumba dance.
  6. Salsa dance is danced by a couple or two people, although there are also Salsa dances that are danced by groups but are very rare.
  7. Salsa dance has a dance movement pattern that requires the dancers to move the entire body, such as arms, shoulders, legs, and hips.
  8. The rhythm of music or percussion to dance Salsa is quite complicated, with a rhythm of about 180 beats per minute.

From various information about Salsa dance above, we can see that this dance is very nice to see and enjoy. Still, it requires extra effort or hard work to learn the movements and patterns of the dance because this dance has fairly complex movement patterns and added with the speed of the accompanying music.