List of 8 Richest Bands in the World

Richest Bands in the World

Talking about the music industry may never run out.

Yes, in addition to works, musicians will also reap achievements with extraordinary income for their achievements.

Recently, Forbes magazine has announced 8 of the richest bands in the world. Most of the bands on this list are no longer active in the world music scene, but their name lives forever in the hearts of loyal fans.

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In 2017, U2 celebrated its 30th birthday by launching a world tour titled The Joshua Tree Tour rocker. The concert was very successful in attracting U2 music lovers.

This tour was watched directly by more than 2.7 million. Forbes calculated the income of this Irish rock band to reach the US $ 316. This achievement made this Irish rock band the Forbes richest band in the world.

1. Guns N ‘Roses

Guns N ‘Roses Roses also have the desire to raise money on their tour. Proven when they toured the world, they managed to collect the US $ 71 million.

2. Coldplay

Chris Martin and his friends successfully released their latest album and underwent a world tour titled A Head Full Of Dreams. With this tour, the band managed to increase the Rolling Stones’ income. Their income is $ 64 million.

3. Rolling Stones

More than half a century into their career, the Rolling Stones still get satisfaction with their success. The band, who made a lot of money in his career, averaged the US $ 5 million per tour in the last few years and played 17 shows a year. Forbes calculated that they had collected the US $ 39 million in coffers.

4. Metallica

After 37 years of existence, the Metallica band still has an existence in the universe of the music industry. This group did a lot of touring and re-issued several flagship songs under independent labels. This group has revenues of around US $ 46 million.

5. The Eagles

Despite losing one member who is also the founder of the band, Glenn Frey in 2016, but in reality, this band still prevailed. Proven in this decade, they are always flooded with gigs, and this year Forbes also calculated their income of around US $ 56 million.

6. Depeche Mode

Secretly, Depeche Mode recorded its concert as one of the most successful last years. Each tour, they can pocket US $ 1 million per city. Thus Forbes estimates that their income in the year is around $ 53 million.

7. Foo Fighters

Sales of their latest album, Concrete, And Gold-ranked first on the charts in the United States, but they failed to get a gold certification in the sales department. This rock band has pocketed an income of US $ 47 million.