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Welcome to Clarence's Downtown Baton Rouge Restaurants Guide. Please listen to Clarence's Cajun radio program in Baton Rouge on Saturdays 7pm-9pm on WBRH 90.3 FM. Also, I would like to invite you to one of the Baton Rouge Cajun dances and to view info on Baton Rouge Bars.

Also, please email me at cajunclarence (type the at sign) if you know the website or any missing info from the following list of Downtown Baton Rouge Restaurants. Updated March 2011 :) Clarence

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  • Argosy Atrium Buffet is located at 102 France St., 242-2600
  • Avoyelles Cafe, 333 Third St., 381-9385
  • Beauregard Galleryis in Beauregard Town (downtown Baton Rouge). 715 Europe St., 383-1932
  • Boudreaux and Thibodeaux's is located at 214 Third St. 636-2442
  • Buzz Café, 340 Florida St., 389-0029
  • Capitol Bistro, Casino Rouge Pavilion, 1717 River Rd. North, 381-7777
  • Capital City Grill, In the Shaw Center, 100 Lafayette St., 381-8140
  • Capital Corner Creamery, 303 North Blvd., 336-9730
  • Capital Corner Market & News Stand, Galvez Garage, Fifth & Main St., 336-9730
  • Capital Grocery Deli 701 Spanish Town Road 387-2691
  • Charlie’s Coffee, inside Main St. Market, 5th & Main St., 343-8004
  • China House, 431 Third St., 381-9132
  • Christina’s Restaurant, 320 St. Charles, 336-9512
  • Churchill’s in the Atrium, Argosy Atrium, 389-2800
  • A Gourmet Cafe, 521 Third St., ???-???? in the parking garage corner next to the YMCA
  • Claiborne Café, 1201 N. Third St., 219-9769
  • Coffee Star Cafe and Bakehouse, 226 Laurel St., 235-1445
  • (place holder for future business) that used to be Dante’s Bistro/Inferno Room, Parrot Beach, Richoux's), 3rd St at Florida St., Sign says it will be a 12,510 square feet 2-story bar with a roof deck. No date listed for opening nor the new name. ???-????
  • Downtown Seafood Restaurant, 130 Third St., 346-6440
  • Faye’s Subs & Salads, 311 Third St., 343-0283
  • Fresh, inside Main St. Market, 5th & Main St., 334-0460
  • Frostop, 402 Government St., 344-1179
  • George’s City Deli, 667 Laurel St., 383-7530
  • Harrington’s Café, 329 Florida St., 343-2626
  • Harvest, 5th & Main St., 383-0995
  • International Marketplace, Casino Rouge Terminal, 1717 River Rd. North, 381-8722
  • Jambalaya Shoppe, Galvez Parking Garage, Fifth & Main St., 387-3022
  • Jobe’s Café, 315 North Blvd., 343-1874
  • Kingfish Restaurant Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center 201 Lafayette St. 344-5866
  • Kingfish Lounge Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center 201 Lafayette St. 344-5866
  • La. House of Representatives Dining Hall, Ground floor of State Capitol
  • La Salle Café, North & Third St., 342-4468
  • Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar and Restaurant is located in downtown Baton Rouge at 151 3rd Street Baton Rouge, LA 70801 Serving the best California - Mexican food, presented in an atmosphere which captures the flavor of the Southern California coast----a place where good surfing and great Mexican food have been the tradition. Visit Lucy's at 151 Third Street for a truly unique family friendly dining experience! (225) 361-0372
  • Little Village Restaurant, 453 Lafayette St., 218-6685
  • McDonalds, 720 Government St., 383-6478
  • Wag's on the Levee ,324 Third St. Phone (225) 810-3845
  • Our Daily Bread, 5th & Main St., 344-1022
  • Pastime Restaurant and Lounge, 252 South Blvd. 343-5490
  • Patrick’s, 750 Florida St., (inside the Post Office)
  • Paul Wong’s, Galvez Parking Garage, Fifth & Main St., 383-3382
  • P.J.’s Coffee Shop & Wine Bar, in the Shaw Center, 100 Lafayette St., 381-0055
  • Poor Boy Lloyd’s Restaurant, 201 Florida St. 387-2271
  • River Roast Café, Argosy Atrium, 242-2600
  • Riverside Patty Restaurant, 336 Third St., 387-5618
  • Rocket Fajitas, 5th & Main St., 334-0460
  • Roux House, 143 Third St., 344-2583
  • Schlittz and Giggles (Schlitz & Giggles), 301 Third St., (225) 218-4271
  • Serops Express, Galvez Parking Garage, Fifth & Main St. 338-1211
  • Sheraton Atrium Lounge is located in the Sheraton Atrium. 242-2701
  • Shirley’s Snack Stand, 750 Florida St. inside the Post Office 937-9010
  • Shucks on the Levee, at Argosy Landing 378-6363
  • Smoothie King, One American Place, 336-6560
  • Strand’s Café 226 Laurel St. 344-5346
  • Stroube's Chophouse 107 Third Street, 225-448-2830
  • Subway, 301 North Blvd., 381-8300
  • Subway, One American Place, 343-9444
  • Swirls, Casino Rouge Pavilion, 1717 River Rd. North, 612-3077
  • Taste, 5th & Main St., 334-9960
  • Taylor Made Gourmet Food, 5th & Main St., 383-1612
  • Tsunami Sushi Restaurant/Lounge, In the Shaw Center Downtown, 100 Lafayette St., 346-5100
  • Boudreaux and Thibodeaux's downtown restaurant and nightclub features Boudreaux and Thibodeaux's is located at 214 Third St. in Downtown Baton Rouge (225) 636-2442
  • The Grill, Casino Rouge Pavilion, 1717 River Rd. North, 381-7777
  • Wine Loft, 358 Third St., 382-3294
  • Open 7am-6pm Mon-Fri and 8am-3pm Sat in downtown Baton Rouge at the inside the new government parking garage that is located on Main Street between Fourth and Fifth Street. (free parking with stamp from vendor). Saturdays features The Red Stick Farmers' Market (7am-11am) outside the parking deck. Also on Saturdays is the Downtown Arts Market 9am-noon Saturdays on the first Saturday of the month outside the parking deck. In case of rain, the markets are held in the Galvez Parking Garage at 500 Main Street.
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The downtown Baton Rouge restaurants are Schlittz and Giggles (Schlitz & Giggles), Poor Boy Lloyd's, Boudreaux and Thibodeaux's, Avoyelles Cafe, The Little Village, Tsunami Sushi, Pastime Lounge, Poor Boy Lloyd's Seafood, Joey's Java, Downtown Seafood,, Bogart's, Bamboo Garden, China House, Ground Hound, Faye's Subs and Salads, Riverside Patty, Roberto's, Caila's Fine Cuisine, Jane's Cafe, Harrington's, Desiree's, Christina's, Club Car Cafe´ and Frostop.