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NOTE FROM CLARENCE: cajunclarence [type the at sign]
Bienvenue! My name is Clarence and I am the webmaster of this non-profit web site. I am also the D.J. for a cajun radio program in Baton Rouge. This web site is my personal site and it is not affliated with the radio station.

As a Cajun from Baton Rouge, I have a great passion for our cajun music. It is because of this passion that I have dedicated 10 years of my life to being a non-paid cajun D.J. on non-profit community radio. I consider myself to be a self taught historian of our French music and culture. I do my radio show and this web site for fun and as a public service. I don't receive any money from these hobbies. I hope that you will use this web site to gain a greater appreciation of our music and culture. I make a living by being a computer programmer during the week and I do the Cajun and stuff during my free time. If you can, please help me with the following:

1) If you live in the Baton Rouge area, I would really appreciate it if you would listen to my radio shows. Sometimes with Cajun music, we as DJs wonder if anyone is listening. My Cajun radio program is on every Saturday from 7pm-9pm on WBRH 90.3 FM.

2) I would greatly appreciate it if you and your friends would attend the Friday night cajun dances in Baton Rouge that are sponsored by the Cajun French Music Association. 

 3) I would appreciate it if you could help me out with a little publicity. You can do this by sending an email to everyone you know in the Baton Rouge listening area. Please ask them to listen to Clarence's cajun radio show on Saturdays 7pm-9pm on WBRH 90.3 FM (It does not broadcast over the internet) and to also ask them if they would like to get on Clarence's email list of Baton Rouge Cajun dances.

4)Note from Clarence: Do you have a cajun accordion that you no longer use or do you build accordions? How about donating your accordion to Clarence for my cajun accordion loan program? I sure would appreciate it and it will go for a good cause. Email me at cajunclarence [type the at sign] Also, could use some other instruments and cajun song lyric books, instrument how to play DVD's etc. to loan out. Please read about Clarence's Cajun Accordions Loan Program

About "Clarence's Cajun Accordion Loan" Program

In an attempt to pass our Cajun music heritage to the next generation, Clarence has been running "Clarence's Cajun Accordion Loan Program". An accordion is loaned free of charge to anyone in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area for 3 months at a time. Due to a backlog of people wanting to loan an accordion, preference is given to college age persons in the Baton Rouge area since they usually have the hardest time affording one. Please contact Clarence the Cajun DJ in Baton Rouge to participate in the loan program by sending an email to me at cajunclarence [type the at sign]

Available for Loan:
1) A handmade in Louisiana cajun accordion.
2) A cheap chinese produced Hohner Cajun Accordion which is much harder to play

Learning Aids:
I host a monthly cajun jam session at my house that any aspiring cajun musicians are welcome to attend. Also, I have some "learn to play cajun accordion" videos and you can also search "cajun accordion" on youtube for lessons. There are also individuals in the Baton Rouge area that teach the cajun accordion one on one. View bands playing Baton Rouge Cajun Dance Schedule. View a complete list of cajun jam sessions in South Louisiana at Cajun Musician Practice Jams. You can view the list of cajun accordion builders at Cajun Accordion Builders.

Background on Clarence's Cajun Music Activities:

Clarence the Cajun DJ has been hosting the free "Clarence's Cajun Music For Kids" event at various festivals and events. I bring my cajun accordions, fiddles, froittoir (washboard) and triangles for the kids to try out and have fun making a lot of noise cajun style. This is always a popular event and it helps to get the younger generation involved with the music. I also host a weekly cajun radio show in Baton Rouge Louisiana as a non-paid DJ and I host a community service website at Additionally, I host cajun music jam sessions and serve as a community networking person for the cajun culture. Hopefully every little bit of effort will contribute to keeping our music alive for future generations!

Merci beaucoup cher! :) Clarence the cajun DJ.
email to: cajunclarence [type the at sign]

Cajun, Zydeco and Swamp Pop Promo CD's can be sent to:
WBRH 90.3 FM
Attn: Clarence's Cajun Show
2825 Government St  Baton Rouge, LA 70806 
cajunclarence [type the at sign]