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ABOUT SITE: This site contains a listing of Baton Rouge Jobs concentrating on Software and information technology computer jobs in Baton Rouge. You will find office headquarters, employment agencies, computer programming employment and software engineering jobs. I have included information about Baton Rouge tech jobs in Louisiana government and the city of Baton Rouge jobs.

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Video Game Software Programming Industry, Digita Media Industry Baton Rouge Companies:

BRADIC is Baton Rouge Area Digital Industries Consortium.
Nerjyzed Entertainment is a video game and 3D animation company
Black College Football Video Game .
Yatec Games
Baton Rouge's Video Game Software Developers Industry
Baton Rouge Red Stick International Animation Festival
LSU's University Digital Media Degree Program called AVATAR
Mentorship Academy of Digital Media and Art High School Downtown
LouisiANIME Japanese Animation Convention \

Homeland Security Technology/Software type companies in Baton Rouge:
Innovative Emergency Management IEM
Trace Security of Baton Rouge

IT Software/Programming type of Baton Rouge jobs:
The following companies hire computer programmers in the Baton Rouge jobs market.
AE Technology
Antares Technology Solutions
Appro Systems has jobs in Baton Rouge.
Aurora Consultants
Baton Rouge International
Bierman Group
Bluestreak Technologies
Cajun Networks
CamSoft Data Systems has jobs in Baton Rouge.
CCG Competitive Communications Group
ComSult Inc.
Crystal Clear Solutions
Computer Technologies Group
Connect Utilities
Emergent Technologies
Enterprise Computing Services is a source of Baton Rouge jobs.
General Informatics
Gulf South Technology Solutions
Help Software Solutions are Baton Rouge jobs.
High Power Consulting
iNET Image, Inc.
InfiniEdge Software
iSeatz.com restaurant reservations
I T Group, Inc
IT Wired
K-fx2 Digital Visual Effects
Lewis Computer Services
Methods Technology Solutions
Moceansoft Consulting
Plumlee Associates Mgmt & Tech Solutions
Redstick Internet Services
RoundTable Technology Solutions
Spark Hound
Strategic Staffing Solutions
Total Control Solutions
Trustfile Business Tax Software
Turf Centric
VarTech Systems
Velocity Squared

Business incubators & research centers in Baton Rouge:

Louisiana Technology Park Incubator is a source of Baton Rouge jobs.
Center for Advanced Microstructures & Devices CAMD at LSU
LIGO Louisiana
Louisiana Business and Technology Center "LBTC" at LSU
Louisiana Emerging Technology Center at LSU
Pennington Biomedical Research Center

Companies with a headquarters or office presence in Baton Rouge:
These are just a few of the companies in Baton Rouge that hire computer programmers.
Albemarle Corporation is a Fortune 1000 Company Headquarters.
Arkel International
Associated Grocers, Inc is based in Baton Rouge.
Bon Carre' Business Center
Community Coffee has been located in Baton Rouge for a long time.
Cox Communications
EMCO Baton Rouge
Ginger Mae Financial Services
Lamar Advertising is a company headquarter based in Baton Rouge.
Louisiana Technology Park Business Incubator
Medisys Technologies, Inc.
MD Technologies - Medtopia
PreSonus Audio Electronics
Shaw Group Companies is a Fortune 500 Company Headquarters.
SJB Group
Turner Industries
U S Agencies Insurance

Data centers in the Baton Rouge area:
Network Technology Group NTG - ASP ISP is located in the Bon Carre' Business Center.
Green Qube Data Center and Cloud Computing is located on Bluebonnet Dr in Baton Rouge

Louisiana Movie and Film Industry in the Baton Rouge area:

BRADIC - Baton Rouge Area Digital Industries Consortium
Louisiana Film Commission

Government jobs in the Baton Rouge area:
State Dept of Education
Louisiana Department of State Civil Service
How to apply for State jobs
Statewide Information Systems' (SIS) website
City of Baton Rouge jobs

Recruiting agencies, job placement and employment agencies in Baton Rouge:
Recruiting agencies are a great way to find out about job openings in Baton Rouge.
Ascent Consulting Group (New Orleans)
A-1 Personnel is a job placement company.
Badon's Employment, Inc.
Frazee Recruiting Consultants has jobs in Baton Rouge.
Good People
Lofton Staffing Services is a Baton Rouge jobs placement company.
Snelling Personnel Services of B.R.

Contacts for establishing a business in Baton Rouge:
BRADIC - Baton Rouge Area Digital Industries Consortium
Baton Rouge Technology Council
Louisiana Technology Park Incubator
State Office of Information Technology
Downtown Development District DDD
Baton Rouge Commerce of Chamber
La Dept Economic Development
Starting a business in East Baton Rouge Parish
Louisiana Partnership for Technology Innovation

Funding Sources for Startup Companies in Baton Rouge:
The following are funding sources for starting a business in Baton Rouge.
Louisiana Angel Network
Louisiana Technology Innovation Fund
Louisiana Fund I of the LSU Research and Technology Foundation
Louisiana Ventures LP (subsidiary of VCE Capital and VCExperts.com
CapStrategy Angel Investing
Article about Baton Rouge Angel Investing
LA SQUARED Fund - don't know the website.

Baton Rouge Computer and Technical Training Companies:
LANtec Computer Training Center

Colleges and universities in Baton Rouge:
Baton Rouge is the home of the Louisiana Flagship University which is LSU. It is also home to Southern University and the Baton Rouge Community College and the Louisiana Technical College.
Louisiana State University
Southern University
Baton Rouge Community College
Remington College
Louisiana Technical College of B.R.

IT Software Industry organizations in Baton Rouge:
These organizations are a great way to network for Baton Rouge Information Technology jobs.
Microsoft .Net User Group is a good place to network for Baton Rouge jobs.
Microsoft SQL Server User Group - website???
Baton Rouge Technology Council
Baton Rouge Information Systems Security Association is located in Baton Rouge.
BRADIC - Baton Rouge Area Digital Industries Consortium
Association of Information Technology Professionals
Association of Information Technology Professionals LSU
Baton Rouge IT User's Group
Baton Rouge Cajun Clickers Computer Club
Baton Rouge MacIntosh User Group
Baton Rouge Linux User Group
Louisiana Small Business Server User Group

Networking Organizations in Baton Rouge:
Here are some additional organizations in Baton Rouge.
A6BR Community Action Network
Forum 35
Downtown Development District
Baton Rouge Area Foundation
Baton Rouge Technology Council
Newcomer’s Club of Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge Area Newspapers:
The newspapers are another source of Baton Rouge jobs.
Baton Rouge Advocate
Baton Rouge Advocate (classified section)
Baton Rouge Business Daily Report
Greater Baton Rouge Business Report is a good source for jobs in Baton Rouge.
Downtown Development District newsletter
New Orleans Times Picayune
New Orleans City Business
Bayou Buzz Louisiana Technology News

Companies in the Bon Carre Business Center of Baton Rouge

NTG Tier-1 Data Center
International Mezzo Technologies, Inc.
Appro Systems
LANtec Computer Training Center
Ginger Mae Financial Services
La Educator Resource Center
RoundTable Technology Solutions

Biotechnology type companies in Baton Rouge:

Celgene Cellular Therapeutics in Bon Carre
Esperance Pharmaceuticals
Pennington Biomedical Research Center

ISP - internet service providers in Baton Rouge:
EATEL telecom in Gonzales
Bell South
Cox Cable
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