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There are many great Baton Rouge restaurants to choose from. The following is Clarence's review of Baton Rouge restaurants. As a local resident of Baton Rouge, I recommend the following Baton Rouge restaurants.

Some of my favorites are Boutin's Cajun Restaurant, Brunet's Cajun restaurant, Don's Seafood, Tony's Seafood, Avoyelles on the River, Marrazil Brazilian restaurant, Chicago's Steak House and Poor Boy Lloyd's Seafood.

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Avoyelles on the River nightclub (upstairs) and lounge is open from 4pm-10pm with a happy hour from 4pm-7pm and an elegant dinner from 6pm-10pm. It is located at 333 Third Street in Downtown Baton Rouge. (225) 381-9385

Chicago's Steak House is in the Midcity area of Baton Rouge at 3723 Government Street. (225) 267-5550

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Boutin's Cajun restaurant is located in the same building that used to be Mulate's of Baton Rouge. Boutin's restaurant is located at 8322 Bluebonnet Boulevard in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Boutin's restaurant has nightly Cajun bands and a small dance floor. (225) 819-9862. When I have people come in from out of town, I recommend Boutin's as the first place to eat. Great food, great music in the evenings and decorated in a real Louisiana style with Cajun paintings on the wall. The price range is around $16 entrees. Also, there is a back deck that opens onto a bayou that you can feed the fish from the gum ball machine of fish food. It is a really neat bayou scene from the back deck of Boutin's. For band schedules, see

Brunet's Cajun restaurant is located at 135 Flannery Road in East Baton Rouge (225) 272-6226. For band schedules, see

Brandt's Maisonette restaurant is located at at the corner of Steele Boulevard and Government Street in Midtown Baton Rouge.
3786 Government St, Baton Rouge 70806
(225) 344-8018

Tsunami Sushi is located in the Shaw Center for the Arts, 100 Lafayette St. in old Downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Phone: (225) 346-5100

Mike Anderson's Seafood Restaurant is located at 1031 West Lee Drive near LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 70820 Phone: (225) 766-7823

Tony's Seafood in North Baton Rouge is a local tradition and well kept secret. This is a live and fresh seafood market with a neighborhood take-out deli included. There is no seating, so you can only get food to go. But, you should definitely go to check this place out! It is a sight to see. Tony's has jambalaya, cooked seafood, gumbo, etc. The locals list Tony's Boudin Balls as some of the best around. Tony's is a 10 minute drive from downtown Baton Rouge.
Directions - from Downtown BR, take I-110 North toward the BR airport. Go about 5 miles, exit on Hollywood St. Take right. Go to 1st light, turn right on a major road called Plank Rd. Tony's Seafood is about 3 blocks on your right.

Catfish House is located near Jefferson Highway and the Baton Rouge Community College in Midtown Baton Rouge.

Superior Grill is located near Jefferson Highway and the Baton Rouge Community College in Midtown Baton Rouge.
5435 Government Street
(225) 927-2022

Chicago's Steaks restaurant is located in Midtown Baton Rouge.
3723 Government Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
(225) 267-5550

Giamancos Restaurant is located in Midtown Baton Rouge.
Italian, Steaks, Seafood
4624 Government Street
(225) 928-5045

Pirello's restaurant is located at in Midtown Baton Rouge.
4624 Government St
(225) 928-5045

La Carreta 2 is located in Midtown Baton Rouge.
4065 Government St
(across from Calandro's)
Baton Rouge, La 70806
(225) 334-9940

Don's Seafood and Steak House
Seafood, Steaks, Cajun / Creole
6823 Airline Hwy.
(225) 357-0601

Mortorano's Italian Deli restaurant is located at 301 Third Street in Dowtown Baton Rouge. (225) 383-1282

Pastime Lounge restaurant is located at 252 South Boulevard in Dowtown Baton Rouge. It is open Monday through Thursday from 10am-10pm and Friday from 10am-1pm and Saturday from 10am-10pm. It is closed on Sundays. (225) 343-5490

Poor Boy Lloyd's Seafood restaurant is located at 205 Florida Street in Dowtown Baton Rouge. It is open for dinner on Friday nights and for lunch on weekdays. (225) 387-2271

Downtown Seafood restaurant 130 Third Street (346-6440)
Caila's Fine Cuisine restaurant, 427 Lafayette Street, (225) 343-6233
Desiree's restaurant, 450 Main Street, (225) 336-0684

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General info on Baton Rouge:

Where to stay - recommended hotel
If you are visiting Baton Rouge, I recommend the downtown Baton Rouge Sheraton Conference Center which is located at 103 France St. in downtown Baton Rouge at the foot of the Mississippi River

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Ever been to a Cajun dance? This is your invitation from Clarence.
If you have never been to a cajun dance, you should try it. Cajun dances are held in Baton Rouge on most Friday nights and you are invited. The dances are sponsored by the Cajun French Music Association. These dances are open to the public and everyone including singles, couples, college students, tourists, children, and grandparents are invited to the CFMA dances. There are cajun dance lessons from 7pm-8pm and the cajun band plays from 8pm-10:30pm. The cost is $6. There are usually around 200-300 people at the dances and the atmosphere is very welcoming. We always have a lot of fun and it is in a smokefree hall. They are held at the American Legion Hall that is located at 151 South Woodale Blvd which is behind Pier One and the Shell gas station on Florida Blvd. Awesome place! Great wood dance floor! Please come out and join us. I am at most of the dances, so please feel free to ask for Clarence the Cajun DJ and I will be happy to show you around and dance with you. You can view the cajun dance schedule at :) Clarence