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Louisiana - (Cajun followed by Zydeco)

bands in Louisiana - Cajun style

Baton Rouge:
link Coobie Joe (Christian LeJeune, Kevin Landry, Jesse Deroche)
John Richard and DeJa Vu Cajun Band
link Rodney Thibodeaux Tout Les Soir Cajun Band
link Choupique Cajun Band
link Boudin Cajun Band
link The Red Stick Ramblers
link Mitch Landry Cajun Ramblers
link Dennis Boudreaux, Paul Daigle and Savoir Faire Cajun band

link Ryan Brunet and the Malfecteurs facebook myspace
link Brandon Moreau avec La Band Pain Perdu
link "Mon et Mes Ami" band (Brian Smith Accordian/vocals, Brandon Moreau Violin/vocals, Pat Pellerin Guitar, Brett Denais Bass, Cody LaFleur Drums)
link Kirk Dugas and the Fricassée Cajun Band
link link 2 Jonno and Bayou Deville
link Bonne Chance (Blake Miller "t-Blake"-Accordion, Al Berard-Violin, Randy Vidrine-Guitar/Vocals, Pat Pellerin-Drums, James Perry-Bass)
link Pine Leaf Boys
link Jamie Berzas and the Cajun Tradition Band
link Jason Frey, Travis Matte with Lagniappe
link Chris Miller and Bayou Roots
link Pat Savant at
link Dustin Ray
link Le Bon Ton Cajun Band
link Savoy-Courville Cajun Band
link Ray Abshire and Friends
link Lesa Cormier and the Sundown Playboys
link Danny Collet and Louisiana Tremor
link Lost Bayou Ramblers (some of the Michot family)
link The Basin Brothers
link Lee Benoit and the Bayou Stompers
link Don Fontenot et Les Amis De La Louisiane
link Garrett Doucet and the Front Porch Playboys
link Renaissance Cadienne
link Gurvais Matte and the Branch Playboys
link Lafourche Cajun Band
link Les Freres Michot
link Charivari Cajun Band
link Lafayette Rhythm Devils
link Bonsoir, Catin
link Nonc Jules and Lachez-Les
link Lucky Playboys (formerly Filé)
link The BlueRunners
T' Crepe and Cajun Friends (New Iberia) 337-365-5265
link Johnny Sonnier and Cajun Heritage
link Johnny Sonnier and Cajun Heritage #2
link Allen Fontenot and the Country Cajuns
link Jay Cormier and Country Cajuns
link La Bande Feufollet
link John Leger and the Debris Cajun Band
link Wayne Toups
link Sean Vidrine & Swampfyre
link Jimmy Aguillard
link Nancy Tabb Marcantel
link Les Amies Louisianaises
link Zachary Richard
link Fred Charlie and the Acadiana Cajuns
link Louisiana's Kingfish
link Doug Kershaw
link Balfa Toujours
link Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys
link Matthew Courville
link Kira Viator
link La Touche'
link Kevin Naquin & the Ossun Playboys
link The Bruce Daigrepont Cajun Band
link BeauSoleil
link Sheryl Cormier and The Cajun Sounds
link Kaleb Trahan
link Lafourche Cajun Band
link Hunter Hayes
link Helen Boudreaux
link Damon Troy
link Richard Lebouef and Two-Step
link Lil' Chenier Playboyz
link Jamie Bergeron and the Kickin' Cajuns
link Lafleur et Basile (from the former band "Mamou")
link Joel Sonnier
link Ed Gary, Aldes Broussard and The Louisiana Cajun Aces
link Blackie Fruge and The Hicks Wagon Wheel Ramblers
link Joe Simon and The Louisiana Cajuns
link Shawn Saucier and The Calcasieu Cajuns

bands in Louisiana - Zydeco style

link Dwayne Dopsie
link Rockin' Dopsie Jr and The Zydeco Twisters
link Travis Matte and the Zydeco Kingpins
link Cory "Lil Pop" Ledet
link Terrance Simien and the Mallet Playboys
link Mark St. Mary - Louisiana Blues and Zydeco
link Dora and the Zydeco Badboyz
link Buckwheat Zydeco
link Sean Ardoin & ZydeKool
link Donna Angelle and the Zydeco Posse
link The Zydeco Brothers
link The Creole Zydeco Farmers
link Zydeco Boneshakers
link Geno Delafose
link J. Paul, Jr & Zydeco Newbreeds
link Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band
link Keith Frank & Soileau Zydeco Band
link Willis Prudhomme Zydeco
link Kou Kou an da ZydeBeaT
link Jeremy and The Zydeco Hot Boyz

Texas - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

T-Richard & The Zydeco Stingrays 2
San Antonio
link The Swamp Angels
link The Gulf Coast Playboys
link Zydeco Blanco
link Charles Ray Thibodeaux and the Austin Cajun Aces (512) 517-9566
Steve Bing and the Bayou Hot Shots Cajun Band
link Lil' Brian and The Zydeco Travelers' from Baytown/Houston TX
Cedryl Ballou and the Zydeco Trendsetters from Waco
link Brian Jack and the Zydeco Gamblers
link Gary Bertrand and a Touch of Cajun from Beaumont
Wilfred Chevis and the Texas Zydeco Band
link Step Rideau & the Zydeco Outlaws
link Nooney and the Zydeco Floaters
link Bayou Roux
link Jackie Caillier, Ivy Dugas and The Cajun Cousins
link Jason DeLeon and Cajun Blend

Arizona - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link Black Leather Zydeco

Vermont - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link Mango Jam

West Virginia - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

Tracy Schwarz and the Cajuneers -

Florida - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link Bayou Teche Band
link N'awlins Po Boyz
link Cajun Dave Becnel
link Accordion Man Anders Bakke
link Gris Gris
link Porchdogs

Philadelphia - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:


Central Jersey - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link The Snapperhead Zydeco Band

New York - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link CHANKA Chank
link Loup Garou
link link2 Captain Squeeze and the Zydeco Moshers

Georgia (Atlanta area) - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link Atlanta Swamp Opera
link Zydeco T.
link Hair of the Dog

Illinois (Chicago area) - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link Dennis Stroughmatt and Creole Stomp
link MOJO and the Bayou Gypsies

Minneapolis, MN - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link New Riverside Ramblers

Connecticut - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link The Bayou Brethren
link River City Slim & The Zydeco Hogs

Boston, Ma - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link Grand Bois

Seattle, Wa - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link Cayenne Cajun Band
link How's Bayou
link File Gumbo

Pacific NW - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link Les Femmes d'Enfer

California - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link Mark St. Mary - Louisiana Blues and Zydeco
link Theo and the Zydeco Patrol
link David Sousa & Zydeco Mudbugs
link Zydeco Flames
link San Diego Cajun Playboys
link Gold Country Cajun band
link Miss Freida & The Cajun Fusiliers
link Frog Legs' Cajun Zydeco dance
link Acadiana
link Gator Beat Band
link Lisa Haley & the Zydekats
link Crawdaddy
link Andre Thierry & Zydeco Magic
link Aux Cajunals
link California Cajun Orchestra
link Creole Belles
link Kenny Menard
link Myrick Freeze Guillory
link QueenIda & BonTonZydeco Band
link Tee Fee Swamp Boogie Band
link Andrew Carrier & Cajun Classics 707-538-5133
link Bayou Brothers 619-691-1609 (San Diego)
link Bonne Musique Zydeco based in Los Angeles

Colorado - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link The Colorado Cajun Dance Band
link Jeff Sagerman and The Bon Tee Cajun Band
link Gerry C and the Zydeco Playboys

West USA - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link DP and the Rhythm Riders 650-969-0440
Bayou Pon Pon 510-652-3833
Cachagua Playboys 831-393-0193
Cajun Coyotes 707-526-7763
Gerard Landry and the Lariats (510) 487-3252
Motor Dude Zydeco 510-652-3833
Sauce Piquante 510-526-4848
Tom Rigney w/ Flambeau 510-526-1048

Canada - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link Zydecosis
link Swamperella

France - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link Gerard Dole & Bayou Sauvage Lollypops
link Landébayou
link Vermenton Plage
link Blue Bayou
link Zarico Playboys
link Daisy Belle
link Trans Bayou Express
link Bayou Pon Pon
link Bayou Teche
link Chère Alice
link Mousse Espagnole Cajun

British Isles - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link The Boat Band

Switzerland - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link Marc and the Boiled Crawfish

UK Notts, Derby - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link M.C.Cajun

United Kingdom - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link Bon Temps Playboys
link Doughboys Zydecajun Band
link ZigaZag Cajun Band
link R.Cajun & the Zydeco Brothers
link the Bearcats
link Zydecomotion
link Chris Hall & Alan Woolley
link Flatville Aces
link Zydecoactive
link Hackney Ramblers
link Good Rockin Dave & Zydeco HotRods
link Pierre Le Rue
link Jock Tyldesley & Gavin Lewery
link La-La Zydeco

UK / Welsh Frontier - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link Joe le Taxi Zydeco Dance band

Australia - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link Catfish Cajun Band (Perth)
link The Cahoots

Vancouver Island, BC - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link Bijoux Du Bayou

Germany - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link Cajun Pioneers
link Le Clou
link The Zydeco-Playboys
link Colinda Cajun Music

Utrecht, Holland - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link Louisiana Radio Band

Holland, Belgium - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link AcadiA

Brabant, Netherlands - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link River Zydeco band

Netherlands - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link Check Out The Zydeco
link The Cajun Company
link Allez Mama
link Les Chats Cadien
link Swamp
link Des Fais do-do

Danmark - Cajun & Zydeco Bands:

link Bayou Bon Bons Cajun Band
link Jambalaya Cajuns
link Captain Crawfish & The Jumping Zydeco
link Cajun Moon
link Cajun du Nord
link KDN Cajun Band
link Vals d´ Ulla
link Zydecoma

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